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November 2019
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I. Jetybayev, A. Bugrov , T. Karamysheva, J.P. Martinez Camacho and N. Rubtsov,  "Chromosomal Localization of Ribosomal and Telomeric DNA Provides New Insights on the Evolution of Gomphocerinae Grasshoppers", "Cytogenetic and Genome Research" , vol.138, 36-45, 2012
M. Ruiz Estévez, M.D. Lopez Leon, J. Cabrero Hurtado and J.P. Martinez Camacho,  "B-Chromosome Ribosomal DNA Is Functional in the Grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans", "PloS One" , vol.7, -, 2012
J.M. Gomez Reyes and F. Perfectti Alvarez,  "Fitness consequences of centrality in mutualistic individual-based networks", "Royal Society of London. Proceedings. Series B. (Biological Sciences)" , vol.279, 1754-1760, 2012
Y. Savriama, J.M. Gomez Reyes, F. Perfectti Alvarez and C. Klingenberg,  "Geometric morphometrics of corolla shape: dissecting components of symmetric and asymmetric variation in Erysimum mediohispanicum (Brassicaceae)", "New Phytologist" , vol.196, 945-954, 2012
E.E. Montiel Jiménez, J. Cabrero Hurtado, J.P. Martinez Camacho and M.D. Lopez Leon,  "Gypsy, RTE and Mariner transposable elements populate Eyprepocnemis plorans genome", "Genetica" , vol.140, 365-374, 2012
E.E. Montiel-Jimenez, M.I. Manrique Poyato, S.M. Rocha-Sanchez, M.D. Lopez Leon, J. Cabrero Hurtado, F. Perfectti Alvarez and J.P. Martinez Camacho,  "Nucleolus size varies with sex, ploidy and gene dosage in insects", "Physiological Entomology" , vol.37, 145-152, 2012
M. Ferreira-Neto, R. Ferreira Artoni, M. Vicari, O. Moreira-Filho , J.P. Martinez Camacho, M. Bakkali , C. De Oliveira and F. Foresti,  "Three sympatric karyomorphs in the fish Astyanax fasciatus (Teleostei, Characidae) do not seem to hybridize in natural populations", "Comparative Cytogenetics" , vol.6, 29-40, 2012
A.J. Muñoz Pajares, L. Martínez Rodríguez, M. Teruel Artacho, J. Cabrero Hurtado, J.P. Martinez Camacho and F. Perfectti Alvarez,  "A SINGLE, RECENT ORIGIN OF THE ACCESSORY B CHROMOSOME OF THE GRASSHOPPER EYPREPOCNEMIS PLORANS", "GENETICS " , vol.187, 853-863, 2011

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