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August 2019
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A. Anjos, F.J. Ruiz-Ruano Campaña, J.P. Martinez Camacho, V. Loreto , J. Cabrero Hurtado, M. De Souza and D. Cabral-De-Mello,  "U1 snDNA clusters in grasshoppers: chromosomal dynamics and genomic organization", "Heredity" , vol.114, 207-219, 2015
J.M. Gomez Reyes, F. Perfectti Alvarez and J. Lorite Moreno,  " The role of pollinators in floral diversification in a clade of generalist flowers", "Evolution" , vol.69, 863-878, 2015
J.P. Martinez Camacho, F.J. Ruiz-Ruano Campaña, R. Martín Blázquez, M.D. Lopez Leon, J. Cabrero Hurtado, P. Lorite-Martínez, D. Cabral-De-Mello and M. Bakkali,  "A step to the gigantic genome of the desert locust: chromosome sizes and repeated DNAs", "Chromosoma" , vol.124, 263-275, 2015
J.M. Gomez Reyes, A. Gonzalez Megias, J. Lorite Moreno, M. Abdelaziz Mohamed and F. Perfectti Alvarez,  "The silent extinction: climate change and the potential hybridization-mediated extinction of endemic high-mountain plants", "Biodiversity and Conservation" , vol.24, 1843-1857, 2015
J. Doña, F.J. Ruiz-Ruano Campaña and R. Jovani-Tarrida,  "DNA barcoding of Iberian Peninsula and North Africa Tawny Owls Strix aluco suggests the Strait of Gibraltar as an important barrier for phylogeography", "Mitochondrial DNA: Part A" , -, 2015
A.J. Muñoz Pajares "PHENIX: an R package to estimate a size-controlled phenotypic integration index", "Applications in plant sciences" , vol.3, -, 2015
F.J. Ruiz-Ruano Campaña, A. Cuadrado, E.E. Montiel Jiménez, J.P. Martinez Camacho and M.D. Lopez Leon,  "Next generation sequencing and FISH reveal uneven and non random microsatellite distribution in grasshopper giant genomes", "Chromosoma" , -, 2015
J.P. Martinez Camacho, M.W. Shaw, J. Cabrero Hurtado, M. Bakkali, M. Ruiz Estévez, F.J. Ruiz-Ruano Campaña, R. Martín Blázquez and M.D. Lopez Leon,  "Transient Microgeographic Clines during B Chromosome Invasion", "The American Naturalist" , vol.186, 675-681, 2015

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