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August 2020
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J. Cabrero Hurtado, M. Bakkali, B.M. Navarro Domínguez, F.J. Ruiz-Ruano Campaña, R. Martín-Blázquez, M.D. Lopez Leon and J.P. Martinez Camacho,  "The Ku70 DNA-repair protein is involved in centromere function in a grasshopper species", "Chromosome Research" , vol.21, 393-406, 2013
T. Voltolin, J. Pansonato-Alves, J. Senhorini, F. Foresti, J.P. Martinez Camacho and F. Porto-Foresti,  "Common Descent of B Chromosomes in Two Species of the Fish Genus Prochilodus (Characiformes, Prochilodontidae)", "Cytogenetic and Genome Research" , vol.141, 206-211, 2013
J. Cabrero Hurtado, M. Bakkali, R. Martín Blázquez, M.D. Lopez Leon and J.P. Martinez Camacho,  "The Ku70 DNA-repair protein is involved in centromere function", "Chromosome Research" , vol.21, 393-406, 2013
M. Ruiz Estévez, M.D. Lopez Leon, J. Cabrero Hurtado and J.P. Martinez Camacho,  "Ribosomal DNA is active in different B chromosome variants of the grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans", "Genetica" , vol.141, 337-345, 2013
A.J. Muñoz Pajares "SIDIER: substitution and indel distances to infer evolutionary relationships", "Methods in Ecology and Evolution" , vol.4,  1195-1200, 2013
M.I. Manrique Poyato, M.D. Lopez Leon, R. Gómez Ladrón De Guevara, F. Perfectti Alvarez and J.P. Martinez Camacho,  "Population Genetic Structure of the Grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans in the South and East of the Iberian Peninsula", "PloS One" , vol.8, e59041-, 2013
E.E. Montiel Jiménez, J. Cabrero Hurtado, J.P. Martinez Camacho and M.D. Lopez Leon,  "Gypsy, RTE and Mariner transposable elements populate Eyprepocnemis plorans genome", "Genetica" , vol.140, 365-374, 2012
I. Jetybayev, A. Bugrov , T. Karamysheva, J.P. Martinez Camacho and N. Rubtsov,  "Chromosomal Localization of Ribosomal and Telomeric DNA Provides New Insights on the Evolution of Gomphocerinae Grasshoppers", "Cytogenetic and Genome Research" , vol.138, 36-45, 2012

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