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August 2020
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M. Ruiz Estévez, J. Cabrero Hurtado, J.P. Martinez Camacho and M.D. Lopez Leon,  "B Chromosomes in the Grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans Are Present in All Body Parts Analyzed and Show Extensive Variation for rDNA Copy Number", "Cytogenetic and Genome Research" , vol.143, 268-274, 2014
M. Teruel Artacho, F.J. Ruiz-Ruano Campaña, J.A. Marchal-Ortega, A. Sanchez-Baca, J. Cabrero Hurtado, J.P. Martinez Camacho and F. Perfectti Alvarez,  "Disparate molecular evolution of two types of repetitive DNAs in the genome of the grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans", "Heredity" , vol.112, 531-542, 2014
M. Ruiz Estévez, L. Badisco, J.V. Broeck, F. Perfectti Alvarez, M.D. Lopez Leon, J. Cabrero Hurtado and J.P. Martinez Camacho,  "B chromosomes showing active ribosomal RNA genes contribute insignificant amounts of rRNA in the grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans", "Molecular Genetics and Genomics" , vol.289, 1209-1216, 2014
F.J. Ruiz-Ruano Campaña, J.P. Martinez Camacho, J. Cabrero, M.J. López Rodríguez and J.M. Tierno De Figueroa,  "Peripatric origin of the only cave-restricted stonefly species known (Insecta: Plecoptera). ", "Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny" , vol.72, 3-10, 2014
G. Barturen Briñas, A. Rueda , M. Hamberg, A. Martín Alganza, R. Lebrón Aguilar, M. Kotsyfakis, B. Shi, D. Koppers-Lalic and M. Hackenberg,  "sRNAbench: profiling of small RNAs and its sequence variants in single or multi-species high-throughput experiments", "Methods in Next Generation Sequencing" , vol.1, 21-31, 2014
J.C. Ribeiro-Bessa, M. Luengo-Díaz, S. Rivero-Gil, A.C. Ariza-Cosano, A. Maia, F.J. Ruiz-Ruano Campaña, P. Caballero-Jiménez, S. Naranjo-Durán, J.J. Carvajal- and J.L. Gómez-Skarmeta,  "A mobile insulator system to detect and disrupt cis-regulatory landscapes in vertebrates", "Genome Research" , vol.24, 487-495, 2014
J. Cabrero Hurtado, M.D. Lopez Leon, M. Ruiz Estévez, R. Gómez Ladrón De Guevara, E. Petitpierre-Vall, J. Sanchez-Rufas, B. Massa, M. Kamel-Ben Halima and J.P. Martinez Camacho,  "B1 Was the Ancestor B Chromosome Variant in the Western Mediterranean Area in the Grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans", "Cytogenetic and Genome Research" , vol.142, 54-58, 2014
J.M. Gomez Reyes, C.P. Klingenberg and F. Perfectti Alvarez,  "The role of pollinator diversity in the evolution of corolla-shape integration in a pollination-generalist plant clade", "Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences" , vol.369, 1-11, 2014

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