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September 2019
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M. Bakkali "Sox9andSox8protect the adult testis from male-to-female genetic reprogramming and complete degeneration" , vol.eLife 2016;10.7554/e, -, 2016
B.M. Navarro Domínguez, J. Cabrero Hurtado, J.P. Martinez Camacho and M.D. Lopez Leon,  "B-chromosome effects on Hsp70 gene expression does not occur at transcriptional level in the grasshopper Eyprepocnemis plorans", "Molecular Genetics and Genomics" , vol.291, 1909-1917, 2016
A. Rösler-, F. Perfectti Alvarez, V. Peña and J.C. Braga Alarcon,  "Phylogenetic relationships of Corallinaceae (Corallinales, Rrhodophyta): Taxonomic implications for reef-building corallines", "Journal of Phycology: an international journal of algal research" , vol.52, 412-431, 2016
A.J. Muñoz Pajares, C. Garcia, M. Abdelaziz Mohamed, J. Bosch-Gras, F. Perfectti Alvarez and J.M. Gomez Reyes,  "Drivers of genetic differentiation in a generalist insect-pollinated herb across spatial scales", "Molecular Ecology" , vol.26, 1576-1585, 2016
J.M. Gomez Reyes, F. Perfectti Alvarez, M. Abdelaziz Mohamed, J. Lorite Moreno, A.J. Muñoz Pajares and J. Valverde,  "Evolution of pollination niches in a generalist plant clade", "New Phytologist" , vol.205, 440-453, 2015
D. Badenhorst, L.W. Hillier, R. Literman, E.E. Montiel Jiménez, S. Radhakrishnan, Y. Shen, P. Minx, D.E. Janes, W.C. Warren, S.V. Edwards and N. Valenzuela,  "Physical Mapping and Refinement of the Painted Turtle Genome ( Chrysemys picta ) Inform Amniote Genome Evolution and Challenge Turtle-Bird Chromosomal Conservation", "Genome Biology And Evolution" , vol.7, 2038-2050, 2015
A. Anjos, F.J. Ruiz-Ruano Campaña, J.P. Martinez Camacho, V. Loreto , J. Cabrero Hurtado, M. De Souza and D. Cabral-De-Mello,  "U1 snDNA clusters in grasshoppers: chromosomal dynamics and genomic organization", "Heredity" , vol.114, 207-219, 2015
J. Lorite Moreno, F. Perfectti Alvarez and J.M. Gomez Reyes,  "A new combination in Erysimum (Brassicaceae) for Baetic mountains (South-eastern Spain)", "Phytotaxa" , vol.201, 103-105, 2015

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